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August 18, 2008


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Moose is most certainly an appropriate name. Hopefully you have a room to accommodate him since he's about the same size of any of you!

Weird. A former co-worker of mine from my Office of Gov't Slack days has a Dane that looks very similar named Moose. Awesome dogs, Danes. Enjoy him!

Moose is going to wake you up at odd hours of the night trying to bum a cigarette. Just you wait!

Saddle Up Bitches

Are you sure he isn't a horse?! Dang, just thinking about the food bill scares me but he is beautiful.

Your roomie has a beautiful booty.

What a pretty dog! And how lame am I for calling him "pretty"? Well, he's BOY pretty, anyway.

it would be funny/appropriate/endearing if he thinks he's a lap dog.

that's funny...i could've sworn you said that was a dog. all i see is two people and a small mack truck.

Um, hello, that's a horse!!

He is awesome. I bet he does think he's a lap dog, most huge dogs do, and I bet he's a sweetheart too!

I cannot believe that huge dog lives in your house!!! :)

What happened to the fellow who schlepped your stuff out there?

He lives down the street in emeryville.

God forbid you ever have to move from your lovely abode to an even lovelier one, all you gotta do is hitch that sucka up to a flatbed trailer, bungee everything down and shout, "HAMBURGERS!"

I imagine Miss Tootie and Cooper the Wonder Dog are beside themselves with joy. And peeing. They outnumber the two-legs again. Woot!

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