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August 02, 2008


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Actually, Christy and i do pretty much exactly that fairly frequently. Substitute Turnip Truck for Trader Joe (though we're getting one of those soon i hear...i've never been to one so dont know that i care).

That's why I didn't title this, "Something Paul and Christy Never Do in Nashville." It's simply something *I* would never have done.

Glad to hear the Turnip Truck is still going strong. I love that expensive little market.

I saw a Trader Joe somewhere near Greenhills (I think) when we were looking for housing for family. I wish one would come to Chattanooga, I love TJ's.

So it's *you* who's changed? Or San Francisco has changed you? Or Nashville changed while you were gone? Or Nashville changed when you left because it was just waiting for you to leave so it could get out the good Scotch and really get down to party?

I sympathize. That's what L.A. did to me, too.

P) arrrr,


Are you related to Sarah Gilbert? You look a lot like her.

Or are you related to Melissa Gilbert? I had such a schoolboy crush on Half Pint back in 1976.

"If I could go back in time and meet Laura Ingalls I'd show her my Atari and she'd be like 'wow, you're so cool, let's get married.'"

a) Sara Gilbert, the actress, is adopted. Folks named "gilbert" won't necessarily look like her--genetics being what they are and all.

b)Melissa Gilbert rocks, but that whole Nip/Tuck thing with the dog and her nipple was eewwww.

c)I'm so damned truculent that I'm waiting for some store--any store--to give away reusable bags for free. I don't think Green should cost more. It shouldn't be a luxury item.

d)We do miss you here, though.

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