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August 25, 2008


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Wow. This reads like something Mary Ann Singleton would have said in "Tales Of The City." Excellent post.

That is SUCH an interesting perspective on coming back to Middle TN. Like Russ said...Excellent post.

Welcome back Brittney.

Last graph made me cry a little.

By the way, good choice not flying Frontier. This looks like a fine week to avoid Denver like the plague.

Sounds like you really do need to use that return ticket sooner than later.

Aw, JG, what part did you take issue with?

"...when I saw photos of San Francisco on my Flickr stream just now, my heart whispered “home.”"

There is much to love about Tennessee. It is a wonderful place. But the truth is, I never felt like I belonged here. No one made me feel that way, it was just an inherent desire to live elsewhere.

I think some people aren't born where they are meant to be. It is also why I am such a huge fan of Twin Peaks. The weird little town felt like a home in a very twisted way. It wasn't until I was able to move to the place I'd always wanted to go most that I realized, after all this time, three whole decades, that I was finally home. I feel comfortable there. It felt like a large relief.

And doesn't everybody deserve to make their home where ever it feels right?

seems that whenever I travel outside TN, one of the first things I notice is that 'diversity' difference you mentioned. we sure seem seriously segregated into racial groups here. most striking too when traveling about here in east TN is the open hostility and aversion i see and hear from others for the growing Hispanic population. a shame.

these days, whenever I see, say, a movie set in your new home city, I gets envious of your adventures. best to you, Brit.

I understand what you mean. I think we can have different types of "home". TN will always have an element of home because it's where you came from and where your family is. But SF is the home your heart longed for and where you finally feel your life having purpose and direction. That's really powerful and it can root you to a place quickly and wholly and passionately.

It was good to have you "home" and see your lovely face again but I know you're happy to be back home, as well.

"I think some people aren’t born where they are meant to be."

I believe that happened to me as well.

Great post. Glad to meet your blog.

Home is where you are. I have found that out this last week, although I only moved 5 minutes away from my last one.

And who says you can't have more than one home? I mean, Mista McCain's got 7 of them. HAR.

San Diego is where I was born and raised for 15 years. When I left it for Florida, I felt neither longing nor hatrid for SD. As it turned out, I never moved back, 17 years on. I live in Pittsburgh now, my 7th locale in my 6th state. Moving there was absolutely horrifying, but 8 years on, Pittsburgh is what I get homesick for. I have personal connections here that far exceed anything in San Diego.

I will say, though, that every time I am back in SD (Del Mar), I notice something new about the city, and am in awe. My connection to San Diego that I do have sustains me, but Pittsburgh completes me.

Not sure what that all means. Geat concept for a post, though, Britt. What is home, and why? Good job.

I know what you mean here. As soon as I moved to Tennessee from Chicago I felt torn whenever I'd go back to visit my parents/friends, etc. I still refer to Chicago as home even though I've lived here 11 years now--and in many ways it will always be home.

But right now, Tennessee is my home. It's where my house, cats, friends, job, boyfriend and his family are, and I miss it when I'm gone. How could that not be home?

I agree with whoever said we can have more than one home. Why not, right?

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