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October 02, 2008


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I wasn't sure if this was what they call "food porn" until I read "stand erect for hours on end" and "epic adventure in your mouth" consecutively.

Having five-pound burritos is not really necessary. I love La Corneta for its "Super Baby Burrito" -- all of the taste and none of the leftovers. Perfect for lunch.

I grew up in France. Trust me when I say that Mexican food was not a known entity in my life back there. Then I moved here and found heaven.
Then last year my burritoria of choice, because we all have our favorite place don't we, closed and I swear, on my honor, I had to fight back tears. It was horrible and I'm still looking for a replacement hole in the wall place.
I think I need one of those pins!

Did you never eat at Baja or Blue Coast Burrito in Nashville? I don't think they are quite up to par with those 5lb burritos but they are definitely the same style.


I never had good Mex food till I moved to CA.

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