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October 02, 2008


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i like to do tuna steaks one of two ways...

1) rinse the fish well, rub with olive oi, salt and pepper lightly. heat up a skillet to medium-hot (about 5/8 of the way to full heat). add a touch of olive oil and let the oil come up to temp. throw the tuna in the hot skillet with fresh chopped garlic, onions, and cilantro. the key to this is that the skillet and the oil are hot before you add the ingredients. this way you don't overcook the tuna but still get a nice browning to the outside. remember, tuna is like steak - it doesn't need to be well done.

2) combine equal parts bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese with salt, pepper, thyme, and paprika (not too much). mix well. rinse the tuna well, pat it dry and rub with olive oil. lay the tuna in the bread crumb mix and coat it lightly with the mix. shake the extra loose and then pat what's left into the fish. heat up a skillet to medium-hot (about 5/8 of the way to full heat). add a touch of olive oil and let the oil come up to temp. gently lay the tuna in the hot oil and cook until the breading is golden brown. the key to this one is not to over-bread the fish. just a light coating is sufficient and, since you're not using a milk or egg wash, the breading won't be heavy and overwhelm the natural flavors of the fish... it'll be more like a seasoning... that happens to have some bread in it...

those are my top two favs. i've never had any complaints when i've cooked either one. :)

marinate tuna in soy sauce, chopped ginger, garlic and sesame oil. heat olive oil over medium high to high heat and sear about 1-2 minutes each side. slice and top with green onion and/or cilantro a quick squeeze of lime if you like.

Couple of different ideas here.
1) Get some http://shop.chefpaul.com/blackenedredfishmagicandreg2oz.aspx and dredge the Tuna in it. Heat butter on high heat until clear and sear the fish about a minute on each side. It's best served with Aioli however adding some of the seasoning to mayonaise can work.

2) Marinate in a ginger, soy, olive oil mix. Sear in olive oil. Add some wasabi to butter and melt over the top.
Serve with a pineapple chutney.

Sear them, serve with pistachio crust.

Seared Tuna with Japanese Salsa

Ahi Tuna Seviche with Mango and Avocado

I like to go to cookinglight.com and browse the recipes for ideas

Sear it... Very hot pan... Very rare in the center...
Maybe get some Sesame Seeds and crust the outside in them before you sear it...


My suggestion is don't post about food so close to quitting time! I'm so hungry now and it's all your fault!

That being said, Megaphonic's 1st recipe sounds great.

Definitely sear the tuna steak with a well-seasoned cast iron pan. The pan brings out the flavors and textures.

Instead of using just olive oil and garlic, try using a bit of sunflower seed butter in the cast iron pan with the tuna. It tastes pretty exotic not to mention you get tons of great omega3s and protein.

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