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November 18, 2008


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Hrumph. You'd best not be apologizing to some folks, that's all I'm saying. It's good to be self-examining, but let's not romanticize matters. Some folks were BAD to you. You don't owe them anything but a look at your backside walking away.

The only thing you have to apologize for is leaving us :)

I accept your apology. I have never done or said anything I regret.

I've also never misplaced my car keys.

-the weasel formerly known as S&F.

You were always awesome to me. Keep living large and blogging all about it.

You were never an asshole to me. But you seem like a cool chick, and I wish that I would have gone to more than one blogger meetup so we could have chatted more. :)

I know this isn't directed at me, but I'll take it anyway. I'll put it in the piggy apology bank. May need it later, you know.

I have never ever ever stolen or hidden anyone's keys either.

Does this mean I can crash at your place if I ever come to visit? Heh.
PS - I'm pretty sure you're not talking to me, but just in case you were, I was too dumb to realize you were mean.

Also know this is not directed at me, but I did want to say--you're the reason I was ever on the Nashville blogging radar in the first place. You blogrolled me on NiT, seemingly out of nowhere, and all of a sudden people were reading my drivel. I don't think I ever thanked you for that.

So, instead of accepting an apology non-applicable to me, I'm going to tell you that that meant more to me than I could ever really say. Someday, maybe, I'll plunge through my introversion and meet you when you come back to visit :).

In the few brief interactions we had (via NIT and once in person) you were never assholey to me ...

Ya know... who cares if someone though you were an asshole. Considering some of the things I saw that were said and/or done during your time here I would have been an asshole too.. remember some people just suck.

So no worries...and don't let it bother you.. just look above ... these people seem to like you and that all you should really think about.. keep the positive and forget the negative.

Now go smile ... today is a good day.

i think it was P.J. O'Rourke who once wrote that one should never pass up the opportunity to insult someone - you may never get that opportunity again.

and count me among the blogging fans you helped immensely - not that what i do is your fault/responsibility. you just supplied some hope, some insight and some support.

i was recently pondering on a girl i dated in college, and to my mind, i was a total jerk to her and have long had issues with who i was at that time and that at the least i did learn that i was a jerk and did try and improve that.

wouldn't ya know it, she emailed me just a few days ago, having found my blog. she seemed to be having a fine life and all, but i felt compelled to apologize to her for the jerk i had been. she replied that i was being way to hard on myself, that she had been in the midst of very tough times and that she counted me among the good people in her life. so suddenly, something i had felt bad about for years was not just forgiven, but refuted.

seems i was carrying around a heap of baggage for years which never existed. life is a most confusing thing.

This is not nearly enough. I may never get over your many slights directed toward me. Until I see real remorse, I'll continue to plot out my revenge....

Wait, you weren't talking to me? Never mind.

Oh, i almost forgot...


Other than that whole thing, not much has happened in the last five years.


You were nothing but awesome to me and put me on a new path, whether you know that or not, you did.
Freaky Weasel, good to know. :)

No apologies were ever necessary here, but I just want to say that I think you are one gracious and classy woman.

I echo what Holly said. Thanks to you, not only did I find myself in a fabulously interesting and fun community that I probably wouldn't have found my way to otherwise, but I also found some folks I think the world of that I am certain will be lifelong friends, as well as many, many other wonderful friends & acquaintances that I hope I will communicate with for a long time to come.

Heck, even the few I'm not too crazy about in this community are still fabulously interesting people. So I feel fortunate that all these folks crossed my path & I became aware of them - and for the most part, that wouldn't have happened if not for you & your work here.

I do wish I had been able to get to Nashville more often back then and gotten to know you better in person than just that one time, but as long as you still have ties to Tennessee & still come home for visits, I'm sure we'll get to hang out again sometime.

But seriously - and as Ginger said - you are one gracious & classy person, and the work you did here and the foundation you laid will have left a legacy forever and means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but the bottom line is it was important, it was cool, & if not for you and your efforts here - it just wouldn't BE. Or at least not nearly the same, but it probably wouldn't be, period.

And you were also - since I started reading you long before you went to work for WKRN - a huge motivational influence to start writing again and keep at it. I still habitually ebb & flow, but around the time I first stumbled on your blog, I was really at the point where I was just going to quit writing. After reading you regularly for a while, I decided there was no reason to quit.

So I thank you for that as well as your work with NIT. The community hasn't been the same without you as the touchstone, but I really doubt it would even really be all that much of a community, if not for you. We (the collective we) may be like some creepy weird dysfunctional family or the Hatfields & McCoys sometimes, but it's still kinda cool. And you're the bees knees. :)

(PS Freaky Weasel - well it's about time you popped up again!)

I think she took a shot at me a couple of times.

Missed, of course.

I have the highest respect for you - irritated that you left a big void here (that's what forerunners do).

Keep making a difference in 2009.

Thanks so much, everybody.

Oh...ok....I forgive you.


Maybe it's just me, but, for me, blogging in Nashville has never been the same since you left.

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