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January 30, 2009


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I'm glad that you wrote this because after you got off the bus, I had an amazing rest of my trip.

First, I get a seat and sit with my crutches in front of me. As you know, it was a crowded bus. As the middle-aged man in the aisle did not know, my crutches are not a reliable thing to hold on to. The bus pulled away and he nearly fell over as my crutches and I were unprepared to bear his weight.

Then, the larger gentlemen next to me starts complaining about something I don't understand, and appears to be talking to me. Finally I get it: something smells like garlic and he is displeased. "I don't mind it, garlic," he says, "but not first thing in the morning!"

A few stops later a cane-wielding middle aged black guy and an elderly Hispanic woman are both aiming for the one remaining seat in the front of the bus. He asks if she's going to sit there, and she replies (in Spanish) "I am going to sit there, but I am in pain and moving slowly." He sits down and says to her, "This is America, lady. I don't speak Spanish. Here in America, we speak English! Am I right?"

A few moments later my garlic-obsessed friend leans over and says "Spanish is our second language, isn't it?" I nod in non-official agreement.

Same friend has a buddy named Charles a few seats over. At 7th and Mission, they stand up and exclaim "Heading off! Out of the way please!" as they move towards the front of the bus. When people aren't moving out of their way (both Charles and my friend are large gentlemen), my pal starts shouting "Let us offboard and then you all can board. Are you too stupid to understand that?"

One of the boarders in question, clearly with a better grasp of Muni etiquette, states loudly "Are you too stupid to get off in the back?" To which guy replies "We're elderly! We get off in the front!" and she replies "Y'all ain't elderly, y'all is just high." Good times. I was laughing. Neither Charles nor my garlic-in-the-morning-loathing compatriot appeared to be much older than 50 or so.

I love the 14, particularly the 14L.

aw hearing about you two spontaneously meeting up made my morning but these stories from you both are just awesome. now i'm missing the colorfulness that is the 14.

Interesting slice of life post!

Quite a way to start the day. Late be damned.

I drove to the train. Parked. Slept on the train.

Wow, I could've just tweeted this!

nashburgville is so boring - i just drove to work and the only exciting thing that happened was I got a close parking space.

My morning commute is never as exciting as this, but because it's 40 miles, I end up seeing a lot of crazy shit. Usually in the form of armadillos in the road or people who have flipped their vehicles. Your post has inspired me to keep a better record of it all.

@ Ian: Great story. Would also have made a nice Muni Diary ;)

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