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November 04, 2009


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Do it. Be honest. Tell the story. You'll inspire more people than you piss off.

As a fattie, I give you permission. I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

I concur. If it's real and true, tell your story. You can be both sensitive and authentic, I believe.

Tell it from a biographical point of view. you're right it's not any one change that caused you to lose weight but an entire lifestyle shift. I think information coming from a real person instead of a more fake, non-sustainable reality show weight loss story on television is bound to inspire more people.

Your weightloss is a result of changing your life, you didn't change your life in order to lose weight. that's the difference between bragging/being insensitive versus sharing.

Congrats by the way, I am jealous of all the tasty food options you have now compared to here.

I have watched another southern transplant also melt the pounds away, so you idea that there is more to weight loss than calories and exercise is proven by two very honest people. There is a mind-set in different parts of the country that either helps or hinders healthy living. They don't call it "Southern Fried" for nothing. Go for it and just maybe it will inspire us obese (according to BMI index) people to think before we run to the nearest buffet of fried everything with mac and cheese on the side.

It's always a tricky subject. Weight is as personal as sex. (That's why I hate when politicians and folks in the public eye criticise others' weight. You wouldn't go into someone's bedroom and tell them to squeeze harder, pump faster or shift their knees, would you?)

But I think you should just be honest. Say what you've found to be true for you. How this has happened and how it made you feel.

Because I suspect all of what you're saying is true. It's easier to be thinner when you are surrounded by opportunities to walk places and have access to delicious, nutritious food on a daily basis.

I do know what you mean, though. I get nervous myself when talking about it. But sometimes writers just have to write what's on their hearts.

I am glad you commented, Coble. I was thinking of asking you to come in here.

Within five comments someone will accuse you of:
1. anti-feminist tendencies
2. hating the obese
3. being a southern turn-coat


I say write it. As someone who's been thin her entire life and recently has begun to gain weight, I've been contemplating if/how I should blog my own weight journey. Yours is the opposite issue, and I'd love to read it.

I say it is a very valid topic and there are many different reasons people lose weight. One reason is metabolism, which can be changed via different routes - when you make certain changes in your life your thinking processes shift. Thinking processes affect metabolism. I have moved from TN to NC and none of my clothes fit me any more.Not only have I lost weight, I look different and my body has really changed. I have always eaten very healthily and have really made no changes with my diet other than being a little looser with my eating habits. People ask me what have I done to lose the weight...I have made a lot of changes in my life, period.

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