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December 21, 2009


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Heh, you said hella. OFFICIAL BAY AREA RESIDENT.

Your apartment is similar to mine over in the Sunset (same era) but my kitchen is down the hall instead of being attached to the main room.

looking for an apartment in SF is never much fun, but once you're done, you really end up finding a great place. It makes all the hassle worth it.

Thanks for all the leads, Greg. Much appreciated!

I am in the apartment industry so I am always interested in people's apartment hunting experience. Was there any reason is particular you used Craigs list over other methods of finding an apartment? Glad you are happy and settled

Because it is the primary way people rent in SF. I could go to 15-20 different rental agency websites...or 1. Craigslist. Because most rental agents link their pages from there, too.

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