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September 20, 2011


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What she said. :-)

I had the same thought process when I cancelled my yesterday.

I'm not cutting out just yet, though I agree with the unnecessary dual queues.

I'm giving them until next summer to make the streaming content worth my while. I know it takes time to work out deals with the studios, so I'll be patient.

For a while.

I bailed a few months ago, and have been completely contented with Amazon's on-demand video options. The only thing I miss is the ability to save new release movies to a queue that will automatically hook me up with the DVDs when they come out 6mo later -- that was one of my favorite Netflix features.

Ditto. I enjoyed the streaming service for old TV shows, but I cancelled yesterday. There are so many entertainment options in the world, my $10 / month is better spent on Spotify.

A perspective coming from a very different starting point:

I have every movie channel DirecTV offers, plus their on-demand and PPV available. It costs a lot of money but, like you, I look at how many movies we watch vs the money and it is still a good investment. With this embarrassment of movie riches, I never even considered Netflix.

Then in May we were heading out on vacation, where of course our DirecTV stuff would be useless. Netflix was just pushing their streaming big-time, and it seemed like a good deal to watch movies on vacation.

Then I found that every single movie I wanted to see, new, old, whatever, was only available on DVD and not available streaming. Their streaming selection is worse than pathetic. Strike 1.

But I saw a lot of movies and TV shows I'd like to see on DVD, so when we returned I upgraded to the same deal you have (streaming + 2 DVDs at a time). Or rather, I tried to upgrade, but they wouldn't let me do so until my original 30-day paid signup period was over. WTF? Why wouldn't they take more money from me, and make me happy in the process? Strike 2.

Once I'd upgraded, it was enjoyable for a short while, but then we found that we HATED planning our viewing in advance. We got "The King's Speech", then had a rough 2 or 3 weeks during which we only wanted light escapist stuff, so it sat around gathering dust and Netflix was essentially useless to us. The Netflix DVD model just doesn't match our viewing habits. Strike 3.

And then they raised the prices dramatically; that felt like a real bait-and-switch after the barrage of advertising that got me to sign up for streaming in the first place just a couple of months before. Strike 4.

I tried hard to like streaming, thinking we'd just drop back to that. But the more I tried to find something to watch streaming, the more I found there was NOTHING we wanted to watch that was available streaming.

And that is the long-winded version of why I, only a first-time Netflix customer as of May, am already quitting them in September.

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