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November 18, 2011


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Have you ping'd Glenn Reynolds yet? Seems like a kindly instalanche might shake something loose.

G Spice!

Some thoughts:
-Under Modest Needs "Single Handedly" you say: increased blog readers from 14 to 115 a day, a 112% increase. This is more than a 500% increase!!! But, I might leave this point out altogether; 115 blog readers sounds unimpressive.
-Also, your bullet points in this section/sub-section all begin with lower case letters, which I'm not sure about.
-You've gotten some good press over the years...and been quoted in Forbes!!! I wish your resume reflected this...You're a freakin' ground breaker, let potential employers know about it!

ps: Where can I find video of your Modest Needs TV appearences?

(and, where you say: "increased MN's FB users..." take out the dates, they just mirror your employment length)


Hi Brittney, this post was forwarded to me by our head of support. Backblaze is an online backup service in the SF area and we are looking for a: Director of Product Marketing

If this sounds like a fit, please apply!


Budmang! Hello! And wow, yes, I am interested. I wanted to let that be known, since I am moving in three days and may not get an application in as quickly as I would like. But forthcoming and ASAP. Thank you!

Nick, I appreciate the advice almost as much as the Entemann's.

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