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December 02, 2011


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pics or it didn't happen?

WOW! So you're through with New York! That was a brief affair. I hope it didn't leave a bitter taste in your soul...

I almost moved to new york once, gave up my apartment, sold my furniture, the whole nine yards, but a job kept me in sf, and then I met my husband. Anyway, when I was room shopping in ny, I looked at a shared three bedroom flat. the room was 7x9 with a loft for a bed. No living room. $800 in 1999. There was a curtain over the bedroom door. The guy who owned the flat said the curtain didn't come with the room, that I'd have to supply my own curtain.

Alexandra, No, it didn't, but I think I left just in time.

And Alanna, I don't regret living in NY one bit, but don't be too sorry you didn't go. It's a soul-sucker.

OMG. I used to- now you- because and Beth-- sigh, jealous. Joint blog posts!! I must have joint blog posts to read.

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