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March 20, 2012


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Excellent. I hardly know you at all, so I won't presume to say anything more relevant than this: I admire you for this decision.

Buena suerte, and please keep us posted on Twitter (I tried to subscribe to your TypePad blog but just got raw XML in my browser).

Thanks for the kind words!

As for the RSS, this atom feed works for me: http://brittneyg.typepad.com/sparkwood_21/atom.xml

Is that the one you tried? I'd love to know, because now that I'm writing full time, this shit matters! :)

It takes a great deal of strength to strike out in a new direction. Of course you're no stranger to bold new directions, but it's still a challenge nonetheless. So let me +1 R_wolfcastle's admiration.

From my Twitter perch back here in Nashville, I have no doubt that you can make a go of this and find success. You've proven you have the moxie and that when you focus your time and attention on something, things happen.

It looks like you've set reasonable expectations and I love that you just "...want to write." So succinct and direct.

I can't wait to what see what you do next.

BOOM. Get it.

Have enjoyed watching your journey for quite some time. Will continue to do so - here's to happiness.

CHEERS! Skritch them kittehs for me.

Can I be proud of someone I've never met? I'll bring the wife and we'll sit in your section and leave a nice "writer's fund" with the check. I've always enjoyed your writing. As the french would say, "merde."

Proud of you, lady. And coming to a similar revelation right along with you. In a little while (couple of months, probably) maybe we could talk online writing group of some kind? Big hugs xx


You just let me know if you have any Offbeat Home topics you want to pitch! Sarah Brown just rocked that shit: http://offbeathome.com/2012/03/decor-trends

you are truly a modern heroine. i need so badly to do the same thing, except that i still don't know what i want to do.

Knock `em dead! Starving in San Francisco beats scraping by in San Jose any time! I know you'll produce great stuff and have fun doing it.

Brittney, you're going to be awesome. If it helps, I created a Facebook list quite some time ago that I labeled "Influencers". I check this list every day, and you are one of only two people on it.

Someday I shall drink to your success. Cheers!

As others stated, it takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing. With that I will share the wisdom I often have to remind myself:

"There is no reward in this world for settling for something you don't want."
John "Cougar" Mellencamp

Knock 'em dead!

Rock it. Enjoy it. Live it.

I will read your words - with great pleasure and admiration.

I think you've made a great decision. Congratulations! I'm really excited for you.

As a bonus, here's a David Lynch article (with videos) I just found! http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyle/2012/03/david-lynchs-freakish-advertisements-rats-new-york-city/1503/

Good for you. Go for it! I have no doubt you'll be successful. Seriously. I can feel it.

I've long felt that what puts the -er at the end of all these things that people aspire to is not recognition or accolades from others, rather it's the something deep inside of you that knows you have to do that thing no matter what. That's what makes you a writer and makes others photographers, bakers, golfers, organizers, even teachers.

My husband has no formal training or degrees in teaching and yet he is a teacher. He can't not teach. He may not go to a classroom every day but whenever the opportunity arises, he won't just tell you how to do something, he'll make sure you know it and understand it.

You're a writer. I'm thrilled that you are embracing it. And eager to consume your words.

I <3 everything about this post. Kick ass and do your thing, as you always do.

You are my hero today.

Game changes are the best! This is phenomenal news!

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