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September 04, 2012


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That totally sucks. I'm sorry this happened to you. We're so close to the announcement of the next iPhone. I bet if you put a "wish" out there somebody might have an iPhone4 out there that they never sold that they could let you use as a loner. (I'd offer you mine but it's out on loner for similar reasons.)

If he's dumb and didn't turn your phone off/remove the sim you can use "Find My iPhone" to locate him. Have you tried that yet?

do not like.

I'm so sorry, Brittney. So lame. :( That feeling of violation can be hard to shake.

Long time reader, first time commenter...

My iPhone was just stolen from me on Saturday and I SO FEEL YOUR PAIN. I had had mine for a total of 1.5 weeks. I am curious too, if there is a way for them to sell it after it is wiped and locked and reported stolen. IMO that phone is as good as a piece of trash now. I'm so sorry that happened to you (and me). Not a day goes by that I don't exclaim "M'FER I MISS MY IPHONE DAMNIT!", but then I get over it because it's gone and not coming back.

feelin' your pain from Kansas City where bitches be stealin' iPhones too...

Couldn't you track where the phone was since you could remotely wipe and lock it?

For people wondering about the value of a locked phone, it takes 5 minutes to undo any lock you may have put on the phone and restore it back to factory settings. Apple should seriously come up with a better way to permanently lock stolen phones.

this same thing happened to me on friday. at 1:30 PM as i was walking the four blocks home from work. it was horrible. :( i feel your pain and am sorry this happened to you, too.

When I tried using the Find My iPhone app to locate the phone it said that the phone was "offline." I was able to wipe the data, and it said the next time the phone attempted to connect all data would be erased.

I so feel your pain! I got my iphone stolen in the 22 bus a couple months ago. Because I kinda fight to get it back, and so I knew who did it, I was able to file a report with the police. Fortunately, they found one of the girl and she's in jail. Unfortunately, I'll never get my phone back.

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